Fit at Five: Sliders Circuit

5:47 PM, Oct 1, 2012   |    comments
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  • Looking for the perfect piece of equipment for your at home gym without breaking the bank? Personal Trainer Joe Schacht of Dynamics Fitness shows us a full body circuit you can do all with what is probably the least expensive fitness tool you can get. Furniture sliders. That's right you can get a full body working all with just using furniture sliders. Do these moves in a circuit for 20-30 seconds at a time and watch the fat melt away.

    MOVE #1 - Mountain Climbers
    This exercise combines core strength with upper body strength. Keep torso parallel to the ground in a plank position and keep your stomach muscles engaged. Start by bringing your right knee up to your chest and then slide it back. Repeat on the left side. To increase intensity you can increase the speed and even add a push up inbetween. 

    MOVE #2 - Hamstring Curl
    Works back side of the core, hamstrings, and gluts. Lying on your back place your heels on the sliders. Pulling your toes up engage gluts and abs and pull alternating feet in towards your butt. Like the first move to increase intensity you can increase the speed, or pull both heels in at the same time.

    MOVE #3 - Lunge
    Engages core, gluts, and hamstrings. Start in lunge position with back toe on the slider. Lunge sliding the leg behind and drop the knee down to the floor. Stand up pushing on the front leg. You will want to keep a slight forward lean through this movement. Alternate legs.

    MOVE #4 - Burpee
    A full body bang for your buck exercise. Burpees do tend to be high impact on the joints so doing them with the sliders provides the same benefits but keeps the joints safe. While standing on the sliders place hands on the floor under the shoulders and kick the feet back. Bring knees back to the chest and stand up. Repeat. 













































































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