Fit at Five: Linda Braley

10:46 PM, Aug 5, 2012   |    comments
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  • Studies have shown that regular exercise can help improve your mood and overall health. That's something we quickly forget when stressful situations take over. On this Fit at Five we meet a woman who found that returning to an exercise that she loved to do in the past proved to be the best therapy during a challenging time.

    Linda Braley was in her 30s when she feel in love with velodrome racing.

    "I got on the track and I was like weee! Like a kid. It was just too much fun."

    She quite her job, and cycling quickly became her world. Linda went on to compete at several different levels sprinting. Earning 3 medals in the masters national championship and 1 medal in the world championship. After the birth of their children Linda walked away from cycling and moved to Maine. Her priorities had changed, but it was one particular moment with her and her son that changed Linda's life forever.

    "We were reading one night in the fall of 2009 and he in his 5 year old exuberance rolled over and elbowed me in the breast. It just hurt."

    Linda was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and chose to quickly undergo treatment. Having cancer put things in perspective for Linda. She knew it was important to go back to doing the things she loved. While in radiation she started riding with a group of women cyclists. Exercise helped her get through the treatments helping her clear her head.

    Linda has now been cancer free for two and a half years. Getting diagnosed has not only changed how she lives her life, but has changed her family as a whole. Her story is not only one of survival, but inspiration and motivation.


    We have provided a link to the bike group Linda belongs to for more information. If you also know of other groups please feels free to share in the comment section below.
















































































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