Saturday - November 9, 2013 at 7PM

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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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How do you take trash off the top of Bigelow Mountain-the big pieces come off by helicopter, we'll ride along with Maine Forest Rangers... We'll talk with Roxanne Quimby's son Lucas St. Clair, who is dedicated to bring a National Park to Maine... And we'll look at Mt. Katahdin, in all its grandeur, as an inspiration for artists.

Show #2013-19
November 9, 2013
This week's blog written by Bill Green:

Bigelow Trash Pick-up
Trash pickup on Bigelow. This was a really fun helicopter ride up to the top of Bigelow. I climbed Bigelow in 1993. I think it's tougher than Katahdin. Anywy I don't remember the big mess around the Fire Warden's cabin back then. There sure was a pile of stuff Ian Fitzmorris is to be commended for his big effort up on the mountain. There were once 140 fire warden cabins in Maine, so this may be the beginning of a long ongoing project.

Lucas St. Clair
It was interesting to meet Lucas St. Clair. Good guy. His rivals acknowledge that he's a likeable fellow, but note that it's the same plan. What is the future of the Quimby land around the East Branch? It's an interesting question that is yet to be answered.
I think it's really interesting to see Roxanne Quimby and George St. Clair in their younger days. They look very different than I expected. Hope you enjoy this story.

Steamer Portland
This is a look back at a story we did several years ago. It's about the steamer Portland which was lost with all hands in 1898. It was just a couple of days after Thanksgiving and it has been reported that among the lost was a man who would have been JFK's uncle. What a horrible event this was in Maine history.

Art of Katahdin

Katahdin is a symbol of Maine and has long been a subject for artists. David Little has put a fine book together and it is very readable. Pick it up at your local library or book store.

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