Saturday - October 26, 2013 at 7pm

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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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We're rock crawling with off roading's big boys. We'll share the life and times of Juston McKinney who was born "just on" time, And who do you think Bill Green is? We'll find out with

Part One tonight involves a type of off-roading called Rock Crawling. These guys build their own innovative machines and go where normal vehicles don't go. Because digging up ground is so controversial, they tend to congregate on private property like Rocky Mountain Terrain Park which has laid out specific courses for people who enjoy this and similar sports. For more information on Rocky Mountain Terrain Park, click on the link.

Part two is with Juston McKinney who is one funny man. The former York County Deputy Sheriff has appeared on the Tonight Show three times. He is currently on a tour of all 16 counties in Maine called "Moose, Deer, Ticks and Hicks." For more information on where Juston will be performing, just click on the link.

In 2010, we hiked into a plane crash on Fort Mountain. The plane crashed during World War II and since it wasn't combat related, it's been pretty much ignored. It was a tough hike and a mile and a half bush whack, but we really enjoyed the day. The plane rests in what is now Baxter State Park. The park does not encourage visits, but allows them. It would be appropriate to check in with a ranger before setting out. Here's some information on Fort Mountain.

I'm intrigued by the TV show "Who Do You Think You Are?" When added a million pieces of data to their New England website, I contacted them about a potential story. They offered to do my genealogy as part of a story. I took them up on it. I don't believe they uncovered any relatives that I didn't know about, but they did come up with some wonderful information about my family including a breakdown of my nationalities. I'm delighted to report that I'm an American, with 100 per cent of my ancestors having come from Western Europe. Surprisingly, I'm more Irish than English. That's surprising to me because my mother was born in England. For more information check out their website:


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