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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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We'll meet an artist who goes deep for inspiration... he SCUBA's!
We'll be at Annapolis to meet the top Midshipman at the US Naval Academy--Yarmouth's Jonathan Poole. And interested in Downtown Abbey? We'll learn the story of Countess Catherine Tredick Wendall, a Maine born woman who actually lived in Highclere Castle.

Show number: 2012-18
Original air date: November 17, 2012

This week's blog written by Bill Green:

Our first part tonight is with an interesting artist name Rick Carney. He SCUBA's and uses pieces that he finds on the bottom of our lakes, rivers and oceans in his art. He might put together a piece of stained glass or a lamp using broken glass. His art is unique, whimsical and fun. To find out more about his business, go to the Sea Glass of Maine website below.

Our second part is with the Brigade Commander at the U. S. Naval Academy, Jonathan Poole of Yarmouth. John was chosen as the top overall Midshipman based on overall academic and military capabilities. He is a top scholar and a finalist for Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell scholarships. It's an amazing accomplish for anyone, perhaps especially so for Jon, who was not a top student in high school or his first college stop. He finished in the top quarter of his class at Yarmouth. He went to Trinity College in Hartford where it wasn't going great. He decided he wanted something more, the discipline that is offered at a service academy. He certainly found a home at Navy.

Our archive piece tonight is a Green Outdoors done earlier this month. Jeff Malloy of Palermo was injured in a fall from a ladder and he though his outdoor days were over. However, with the help of a friend named Ray Kimball, he put together the Equalizer Adaptive Shooting System. This enables to hunters with disabilities to hunt again. Jeff proved it by shooting a four-point buck last year. For more information about Jeff's system, click on the link.

My favorite TV show bar none is Downton Abbey, a PBS Masterpiece Classic. It follows the lives of a wealthy family which lives in the Abbey. The series is filmed at Highclere Castle. In real life, the Countess who lived at Highclere was Anne Catherine Tredick Wendell who was born in Kittery and spent her childhood summers in the Portsmouth area. The real life story of the Castle is as interesting as the TV drama. If you're not watching Downton, you're missing a really fun show. We can't stream this story due to rights resctrictions so we hope yo tune in to see it.

Infor on the real castle where they shoot the show can be found here:

The exhibit in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was only in 2012. It was put on by the Portsmouth Athenaeum. for more info on the Portsmouth Athenaeum:



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