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Bill Green's Maine in HD

This week on Bill Green's Maine, We're checking out the Pro Squash Tour at Bates. We'll meet the amazing Morgan Sewall, Maine's rising star in figure skating. And We'll learn about Maine's old cemeteries, there's one near you!

Show # 2011-19
Original air date: November 5, 2011 at 7pm
This week's blog written by Bill Green:

260th Bill Green's Maine

November 5, 2011

Produced by Brett Whitmarsh

Primary Shooter Josh Bradford

We open up this week with squash.  It's a really cool game and Bates College (my wife's alma mater) is a hotbed for the sport.  Bates has a beautiful facility and a strong program which has been in the top 15 in the country almost all of its 25 years.  They call it "chess on speed."  It's no wonder it's so popular at colleges.  Most urban centers have a strong group of players as well.

Next we meet Morgan Sewall.  I hesitate to do stories on kids for many reasons, not the least of which is it puts a lot of pressure on them.  Morgan seems so well balanced. Many observers think she'll make senior national competition and skate against the best in America.  Some suggest she could do even better than that.  I think you'll enjoy meeting her.  Congrats to photographer Josh Bradford for some of the creative shots he got in this piece.

Our archive piece is about Fort Western. The fort is pretty much closed for the year, except for one after a month.  However, we saw it in the archives and thought it was a pretty piece and that it fit well in this show.

Our last piece tonight is on Maine's Old Cemeteries.  We've lost a number of them and will lose more.  The Maine Old Cemetery Association is to be commended for its work of documenting cemeteries.  If you know of an old overgrown cemetery near you, you may want to contact the Maine Old Cemetery Association.

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