Saturday - July 6, 2013 at 7pm

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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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This week we'll look at the cutest little homely babies ever... Peregrine Falcons!  We'll head to Lake Placid where Maine's Jeremy Cota is getting ready for his Olympic Shot. And we'll visit 19th century Willowbrook. A place to learn real Maine values.

This week's show blog written by Bill Green:

Show # 2013-11
July 6, 2013

Peregrine Falcons: The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Biodiversity Research Institute are working to restore peregrine falcons to the state. There are currently 25 nesting pair. One pair set up housekeep on a bridge which gave the conservation organizations a chance to monitor the nesting activity on a webcam. They were also able to band the offspring because they knew the specific age of young peregrines. We went along on the banding project. If you would like to check out the peregrines on the BRI webcam, just click on the link. 

The interview this week is with Jeremy Cota. Wow, do I like this guy. Quiet, intense and understated, Jeremy is on the comeback trail from injury. I think he's a good bet to win an Olympic medal in Socchi in 2014. We went to Lake Placid to interview Jeremy and watch him train for a day.

The archive this week is Snakes! The Maine Herpetological Society tries to protect reptiles and amphibians as well as their habitat. Many people in Maine love studying and owning snakes and other slithery animals. One great advantage over a dog is that you can tend a reptile or an amphibian and go away for a couple of days. However, sometimes these creatures become too much. Maine Herp runs an adoption program where they help find a home for these animals. If you would like to know more about the Maine Herpetological Society, click on the link below.

19th Century Willowbrook Village is a lovely place to spend a day. Visitors feel they have stepped back in time as they visit such places as the school, the blacksmith shop and the general store. A real favorite with kids is the carousel. For more information on Willowbrook, click on the link.


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