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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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This week, we're heading way up to Lake Parlin for a U.S. Cross Country snowmobile race. We'll catch up with the man behind Maine's nordic skiing revival, Andy Shepard of The Maine Winter Sports Center. And we'll meet the lap guitar maker who's creating a whole new sound right here in Maine.

Bill Green's Maine
Original show date: February 11, 2012
Show #266

This was a fun show to do. We are really rolling along with all new shows in February and we are really busy around Bill Green's Maine.
The first segment tonight is about the big US Cross Country Snowmobile Race in Lake Parlin. This part of snowmobiling is growing rapidly. Essentially everybody who has ever been on a sled has prepared for this kind of racing. However, too much speed on the trails does not help the sport. These races are the perfect place for anyone who wants to drive a snowmobile fast.
For more information about the USCC, just check out their website.

This next segment is really overdue. Andy Shepard has done more to develop Nordic skiing in Maine than anyone over the last twenty years. I enjoyed this segment, but wish it could have been ten minutes.

Natalie Terry is a ski instructor at Sugarloaf who has been around for 42 years. In that time she has given individual and group lessons to more than 22,000 people. She is a beloved figure on Maine's mountains and it was great to get together with her.

Our final segment tonight is on SRG guitars. They are made in Durham, Maine by three guys who bring amazing skills to the project. I like the fact that they have a niche-lap steels are a part of the slide guitar family. They are or blues and they create unlimited number of sounds. I was also interested in the fact that the partners in this business thought they had a lot of talent and wanted to work together on a project. SRG is what they came up with. I really enjoyed meeting Josh Matheny a fine young Nashville musician with an impressive resume. For more information on Scantic River Guitars, just check out the website.

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