Cooking very wild with beaver

6:27 AM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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BRIDGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)- Kate Krukowski Gooding is an expert at cooking wild game. Her latest book is turning some heads and prompting smiles and grimaces. It is called "50 Ways to Eat a Beaver."

It is Gooding's fifth book involving cooking wild.  It contains such recipes as Mediterranean Beaver with Squash & Saffron Couscous, Spicey Maine Maple Bacon & Beaver Barbecue as well as Beer for Breakfast Pancakes with Beaver Hash.

Gooding smiles about her book title and notes, "The positive aspects of beaver is that it's free range, delicious sweet red meat.   People think that it's fatty, but the fat is actually between the meat and the pelt."

Many trappers do not eat beaver because of it's reputation as being gamey.  Gooding, who is something of an expert on wine and spices, prepared a Curried Beaver Stew for television cameras.  It was a spicy creation which she says is always a hit.

Her book contains "Libation Suggestions" for each recipe.  For example, her suggestion for the stew is "Alsatian, Chablis or a chilled Browne Vineyards Red Zinfandel.

Gooding and NEWS CENTER's Bill Green will be cooking her famous Curried Beaver Stew on November 16th at the Maine Harvest Festival at the Cross Center in Bangor.  The demonstration will take place from Noon until 1 PM.

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