207 What's Trending - July 25, 2013

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If you were under the impression that all the big news trending this week was about the new royal baby, you're right. It was the number one topic on Twitter this week...but it wasn't the ONLY thing trending this week.

Former President George H.W. Bush shaved his head to support Patrick, the 2 year-old son of a member of his security detail, who has leukemia. The whole team also shaved their heads and his office released the images of both -- which were taken in Kennebunkport. The images have been going viral since they were released yesterday afternoon.


And then there was another guy who kept showing up in pictures...the "in the way guy" as he was called.

"In the way guy" is the latest Internet Meme. Earlier in the week a man was trying to capture the moment where he was proposing to his girlfriend at Walt Disney World, when someone from the crowd stepped in front of the shot. The magical moment was slightly ruined, while there were other images that caught it, this one became a quick Internet sensation known as "in The Way guy" so the Internet did what they do best and made a ton of new memes out him in the way of other big moments:




Along those lines, how's this for serendipity...the photographer behind the photo blog "Humans of New York" was walking around Manhattan taking nighttime shots. He came across a man and asked permission to take his picture, and by chance at that moment the man was looking at the Humans of NY photo blog image icluded:


You couldn't even plan a shot like that if you tried!

And there is a new Boston based social networked designed for only happy moments called "happier"


About Happier: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/07/23/a-social-network-dedicated-to-happy-moments/?_r=0


Something new from Google. It's a tiny little device like a thumb drive, but it has an HDMI port on it so you can just slide it into the side of your HDTV. It cost $35 and it allows you to watch YouTube or Netflix through it, but it also allows for you to play something off of a google Chrome broswer from your computer or your mobile device. It functions in a similar way to Apple's AirPlay technology. There are a few limitations right now, but there is great potential for this to grow. So for the price it's not bad. Apple TV costs just under $100. And Roku's are between $50 and $80.


And finally, what was the most viewed You Tube video this week by Mainers? While Diving Souza Rock on the Central California Coast, these divers have a very close call with HumpBack Whales:



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