207 What's Trending - Friday June14, 2013

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(207) - To keep you "in the know" our 207 Social Media Reporter Brett Whitmarsh is here with a look what "what's trending" this week.

You guys might remember Maine's Jeremiah McDonald? Well about this time last year Rob interviewed him when when his YouTube video "A Conversation with my 12-year-old Self" became a sensation with millions of views. Let's take a look back at that:

Well Jeremiah didn't stop there, he's been making more videos since then and this week he has one that's been getting a lot of attention. It's a bit like his viral video from last year. He's been finding a lot of his old work as a kid since then. It's called "A story I wrote when I was 9 -- meeting my future self" Take a look:

Jeremiah is a very funny guy, and extremely talented... Shortly after his big summer last year he made one video called "Post Viral Support Group" which is very funny. You should check out more of his projects and his collaborations with other YouTube creators.

See his YouTube page here: http://www.youtube.com/user/weepingprophet?feature=watch

Last weekend was President H. W. Bush's birthday and he's developed an affection for fun socks. Everywhere he goes these days he has a different pair of socks on... Kind of like having a different bow tie for everything.

Well this week while celebrating his birthday in Kennebunkport, President Bush had a family picture of everyone's socks together. He celebrated with Superman styled socks and while that happened earlier in the week, 75 years ago this week Superman debuted in Action Comics. See the socks here: http://on.wcsh6.com/14BCH27

Next up you say Vine has been taking over Twitter? What is Vine?

Vine is a relatively new video sharing service that came from the folks behind Twitter -- while Tweets are limited to 140 characters,

Vine is limited to about seven seconds, and there are some incredibly creative videos out there.
Twitter said this week that Vine videos are being shared more than any other kind of media on Twitter. So even more than Instagram. Many have said that since its recent release for Android, it has really blown up.

And you've been playing with Vine?

I personally have "Vine envy"

There are so many incredibly talented people out there creating very creative Vine videos but we've been playing it and NEWS CENTER'S Matt Beach has been making some really fun and creative ones. You can check those out by searching WCSH6 on Vine.

Here is one of our Vine's

In other big Social Media news Facebook announced this week that hashtags are now being used on their social network?

Yes and no. I've been getting a lot of questions from viewers about this. To recap, hashtags are a way to particiapte in a global conversation on a social network with people. Facebook has been somewhat of a hold out with hashtags. Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram have bee all been using them. As if today you can click on them to see the bigger conversations that are happening all over the world.

I have a new favorite app called WAZE. More here: http://www.waze.com/

It's been around for a little while, but it's a traffic app that delivers real time traffic information based on your cell phone location. It works two ways -- you can sign up to use it and post traffic information or it will recognize the cell phone data that is clumped in one place. So basically if a bunch of cell phones or ipads sit still and don't go anywhere it sees that as a traffic issue. It reports the data in real time and this week Google announced they are buying the app. It's a free app so check it out if you are traveling.


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