Tech Guru Rich Brooks gets personal

6:52 PM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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Can you engage in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while keeping your personal life to yourself?  

Facebook seems like where people spend most of their online personal life. Can we really control what's shared and with whom?

  • You can no longer opt out of all FB's searches. 
  • You have some control over who sees your posts.
  • You may also want to see your likes and when you've been tagged by looking at your activity log.
  • You can also control who sees a specific post when you post something.
  • You can also control how people can contact or find you.
  • You can opt out of FB.

We've talked a lot about FB. How about some of the other platforms?

  • LinkedIn: Chances are if you're using this business networking site you want to be found. It provides very little other benefit, so you're probably all set here.
  • Google: If you're looking for a job or going on a lot of first dates, you might want to see what Google is saying about you. To get a more accurate picture, you'll want to make sure you're not signed into Google, gmail or any other Google product during your search.
  • Twitter: You control how much you share, but unless you make your account private, people can see your stuff even if they don't follow you. You do have control over whether people can find you via your email address, but to be safe you may want to create a new email address just for Twitter and other social networks.

Any other general advice?

  • Assume that anything you put on the web is forever, even if you delete is seconds later. Things get archived, people see your posts, they take screen captures. There are entire websites dedicated to documenting people's social media meltdowns.
  • Any personalized photos to email or text to a friend...assume they're being shown to everyone of their friends...and possibly getting posted to a website somewhere. 
  • Don't share publicly when you are feeling emotionally charged, tired, or after you've had a cocktail or three. Nothing good ever came from that.


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