Social Media year in review

8:42 PM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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NEWS CENTER Social Media Coordinator Brett Whitmarsh takes a look back at the year's biggest social media trends.

From the Olympics to the election to the temporary NFL refs, it was a very busy year for social media. So what's has been the most shared items of 2012?

Let's start with Facebook... Facebook has looked at all their algorithms and have come up with a fancy list of various categories that show what we were up to over the last few months. Check out their top trends here:

There is so much more to their list it's worth checking out. You can also download your own Facebook year in review.

Let's move on to Twitter -- they've done the same kind of year in review. They've looked at who tweeted the most, who re-tweeted the most and what trending topics were used the most to give us their break down. They have about five categories you can review:

Next up a list of hoaxes that we fell for on social media in 2012. These are either images, status, or videos that we thought were legit, but sadly turned out to be fake. So many people fell for these, and there were so many this year this was a hard list to narrow down.

-EAGLE TAKES BABY --Appeared in the last week. Designed to fool us:





Here are the top Internet Memes. These are the really funny images that you'll see shared over and over again with different messages on them. There is a very popular one in Maine called Maine Memes. This list is a national one composed by NBC news:

And finally, Instagram weighed in with their list of the top photographed places of 2012:


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