Maine Woman to Soar off Kilimanjaro

7:02 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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Carrabasset Valley, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Johnna Haskell is a photographer, skier and mountaineer. She is preparing to paraglide off Kilimanjaro in a fund raiser for the Tanzanian people.

Two hundred paragliders will contribute five hundred dollars apiece for the licenses to soar.  The million dollars raised will go to three charities helping Tanzania, the nation where Kilimanjaro is located.

"It's something I've had on my bucket list," said the personable photographer who looks for adventures around the world "We're going to summit one day and then we're going to sleep near the summit for three days waiting to get off."

Paragliding is relatively new thrill sport that is small, but growing in terms of popularity.  It is unique among gliding sports in that the equipment is easily stowed in backpack and transportable. The chute or wing has no rigid support.  It takes its shape from the length of the cords below it.  The pilot hangs beneath sitting in a seat.  The seat, which also forms the backpack, is filled with air for safety and comfort.

Kilmanjaro is 19,340 high.  The three charities work with human health, education and environmental issues.


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