Hunting Season Opens in Maine

6:23 PM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
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Gray, ME (NEWS CENTER)-- Hunting season has begun in Maine. This season is technically called "The Traditional Firearm Season on Deer." More than 150,000 Mainers are license to hunt deer.

Sixteen year old Nathan Hagerman of Windham hunted alone for the first time on Saturday.  In order to do so, Hagerman had to have turned sixteen and taken a hunter safety course.

"I think I'm ready," he told NEWS CENTER. "They did a good job of teaching me safety and what do if I get lost." Hagerman hoped to use the skills he has learned from mentors in order to shoot a buck.

Joe Ziepnewski of Scarborough has been around more than fifty opening days.  He said he always looks forward to the season, "Opening day brings back thoughts of opening and the beginning of the season. It's kind of special."

The 2012 opener in Maine will be remembered because it was so warm. The high temperature in southern Maine reached sixty degrees.

Expert hunter Denny Denham said that would change his strategy, "I will walk around less. I don't want to get too sweaty." Much of the time, temperatures are below freezing during the hunting season.

Dick McCann of New Gloucester shot an eight point buck on opening day.  "Now I can do my 'honey-do' list, work around the house. The stress is off."

McCann says he will not lament not being able to hunt the rest of the season.  The hunting season in Maine lasts four weeks and ends on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

That date is chosen as the season ending date because many families like to hunt together on Thanksgiving Day.


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