"Herbie" the Elm lives!

2:53 PM, Nov 14, 2011   |    comments
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BUXTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Herbie was the name given to the largest Elm Tree in New England.  It was cut down in January of 2011.  A number of local craftsmen have turned Herbie into fine furniture and other items.  Bob Cariddi's contribution is to make bowls.

He uses a process called spalting.  This means he leaves the wood outside or buries it.  As it starts to decompose, beautiful colors emerge from the wood.  "You have to turn it when it's green and sort of still wet inside," Cariddi told NEWS CENTER. 

Using a lathe, Cariddi actually turns it twice, creating a beautiful bowl.  He also uses an indigo colored epoxy to fill holes.  He signs each piece which seem destined to become heirlooms. 

A number of area artisans participated in The Herbie Project. They made various wood items from the grand old elm.  The proceeds were split between the artisans and the Town of Yarmouth.  It netted $45,000 dollars for the town.

For more information about The Herbie Project, call Yarmouth Community Services at 846-2406.


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