Maine thoroughbred ready to race in 2011

7:03 PM, Apr 25, 2011   |    comments
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SHAPLEIGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Maine thoughrobred racehorse is preparing for a season of racing.

Last fall, Shapleigh Benz won a race at Suffolk Downs in Massachusetts. When he won, it was discovered that he was the only Maine thoroughbred racing from the year he was born -- and it is believed Shapleigh Benz is the only Maine thoroughbred to win a race in 40 years.

The five-year-old is one of 40,000 thoroughbreds born in 2005, but he's the only one from Maine.

Tamay Alpander of Shapleigh raised the horse on her farm. She is a jockey who races most often at Suffolk Downs in Massachetts.


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