Lago to compete in X-Games

6:52 PM, Jan 24, 2011   |    comments
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NEW HAMPTON, N.H. (NEWS CENTER) -- Olympic bronze medalist Scotty Lago will participate in the X-Games this week despite a broken jaw sustained while filming a movie on January 13. 

Lago told NEWS CENTER that he was shooting a movie about 25 miles into the back country from Jackson, Wyoming.  He landed a difficult trick, but the force of the landing drove his chin down into his knee.  The result was a broken jaw, several broken teeth and stitches on his chin and tongue.

"All the compression," Lago told NEWS CENTER.  "I couldn't handle it.  I ended up hitting my jaw on my knee." Lago said he can land the trick, "a Switch Double-back, Rodeo 10-80" and that he's not afraid of it. 

Lago has lost ten pounds since the injury.  He has been taking all food through a straw, but is starting to be able to eat more solid food.

Lago also reports that his Friends Crew group has come out with a new product.  Friends Headsets are a very stylized headset being marketed to young people, especially snowboarders.

The X-Games start Thursday in Aspen.


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