Worm compost is black gold

4:04 PM, Mar 11, 2010   |    comments
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BELGRADE LAKES, Maine-- (NEWS CENTER) Dyer is an environmental chemist who owns a water testing facility in Auburn.  His wife thought he needed a hobby and he has found one to immerse himself in.

He now grows 250,000 worms in his basement.  He feeds them a bedding of newspapers, peat moss, water and expired food from the Good Shepherd Food Bank.  The worms ingest the food and "produce" what Dyer calls "Black Gold."

"They're scavengers." Jon told NEWS CENTER.  "They also digest or swallow the paper products as well.  It goes down the chute and comes out as black gold."

The operation is humorous to most who drop by.  The lights must be kept on 24 hours a day.  An early power outage after he started his project resulted in five thousand worms leaving their "worm wig-wams."

Vermicompost has many positive characterists such as enormous amounts nitrogen, phosphorus and potasium. Dyer sells the product to friends and nearby nurseries for $20 for a ten-pound bag.  It's expensive compared to most composts, but he has no shortage of customers.




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