Geocachers Take DeLorme Challenge

7:43 PM, Nov 30, 2009   |    comments
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  • FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The pastime of geocaching is a passion for some.  They are taking the game to new levels.  It's been a benefit to the DeLorme map company of Freeport which has swung into action in response to a growing market.  

    Geocaching is a sophisticated game of hide and seek.  People hide caches and leave clues on an internet site.  Others take the coordinates of where the caches are hidden go find them. 

    It sounds pretty simple, but it can be very advanced.  A growing number of people are out looking for the nearly one million caches in the United States.  More than six thousand are in Maine.

    Ed Daggett and John Call are two who are constantly after caches.  Ed is in the process of geocaching in all 50 states.  He hopes to have the lower 48 finished by August.  John has found more than 3600 caches on his annual trips between Maine and Florida.

    "We have met the nicest people from Maine to Florida," John told News Center.  He is also an expert hider.  He enjoys tucking little prizes in caches them and hiding them in easy and difficult to find spots.

    Ed feels the same way.  "It got me out of the house, gave me a chance to use my head, my feet, use my creativity and appreciate other peoples' creativity," he said.

    He is currently trying to complete the DeLorme challenge by finding a geocache on each page of the DeLorme Gazetteer.  He has completed fifty of the seventy pages and thinks he'll have them all by early next year.

    Geocaching is fun for the entire family.  There are currently just less than one million caches to look for in the United States.  More than six thousand are in Maine.  They are ranked by degree of difficulty making the activity fun for the entire family.

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