Maine Cocker Spaniel Upsets The National Field Trials

8:14 PM, Nov 16, 2009   |    comments
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PLYMOUTH (NEWS CENTER) -- There was a major upset in sports last week. A cocker spaniel from Maine won the national field trial championship.

Making the victory particularly stunning is the fact that the dog is owned and handled by an amateur who was competing against pros.

Sheryl Mayo and the English Field bred Cocker Lucy stunned the sport with their national championship victory last week.

In a field trial, the dog must find and flush birds from a field. After the birds are shot, the dog must retrieve them quickly running a straight line to the bird and back to the handler.

After a slow start, Sheryl and Lucy rallied through six different events.  

Lucy was different than her competition because she actually hunts. Sheryl is different in that she is an amateur and only handles this one dog. In fact, her husband Jim had to talk her into going to nationals.









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