Dr. Thomas Gaffney-- 2012 2 Those Who Care Award Winner

12:02 PM, Oct 18, 2012   |    comments
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Dr. Thomas Gaffney of Bucksport has been a practicing psychologist in Bucksport since 1983. He believes that recovery from mental illness is not a singular person's path, but involves the whole community. Guided by this philosophy, Dr. Gaffney has volunteered extensively for Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition for more than ten years.

Pastor Norman Labonte says that "he always listens more than he speaks, but when he does voice his thoughts he speaks the truth in love."

He has addressed underage drinking through education & intervention, after-school programs, "second-chance" programs, and youth leadership, all measurably lowering the rate of underage drinking and tobacco use. He has developed a "continuity of care" for the mental health needs of older adults through accessible housing, nutrition, public transportation, and a 16-bed long-term care program. More young children have access to school readiness & early literacy skills through the Bucksport Bay Early Childhood Network.

Dr. Gaffney would insist that no one person is responsible for these positive results; however, he has undoubtedly shepherded these services into existence or continued success.

Betty Gray, who also mentions that he runs an organic blueberry farm and a Christian retreat center "in his spare time," says that Thomas Gaffney "lives the meaning of the word community."

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