Teens Who Care

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11:38 AM, Feb 17, 2012

We are accepting nominations for teens in your area who are doing exceptional work in their communities. Teens can be nominated year-round. Each teen selected as one of our Teens Who Care will receive a $2000 scholarship to the college of their choice.

Teens Who Care: Brooke Steele

7:42 AM, Mar 5, 2014

Brooke Steele's family was introduced to Make a Wish Foundation of Maine when her brother, Nathaniel, was 3 years old. 

Teens Who Care: Jacob Smith

9:10 AM, Feb 3, 2014

Teens Who Care - Michael Benecke

10:21 AM, Dec 31, 2013

Teens Who Care: Molly Cleveland

8:11 AM, Nov 27, 2013

Molly is a senior at Noble High School who is very involved in her community and informing her peers. 

Teens Who Care: Mason Merrill

6:07 PM, Nov 13, 2013

Mason Merrill volunteers in the Dover-Foxcroft community with all the organizations from Kiwanis, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Hot Air Balloon Festival to the Whoopie Pie Festival and Homecoming.

Teens Who Care: Eric Chen

9:16 AM, Oct 15, 2013

Eric Chen has volunteered since he was in grade school.  He created Kids Helping Kids at Falmouth High School to provide volunteering opportunities for fellow students as well as wanting to give back to his community.  

Teens Who Care: Emma Turton

7:11 AM, Aug 28, 2013

Teens Who Care: Colin Stansfield

8:58 AM, Aug 2, 2013

Colin has been volunteering at Open Gates Equine Rescue since he was 11 years old.

Teens Who Care: Kassidy Giggey

11:26 AM, Jun 12, 2013

There are 24 hours in a day. If you're a teen, seven hours are usually spent going to school, two to four hours are spent on after school activities, about two for homework and six to eight are spent sleeping. That doesn't leave much room for anything else, but somehow Kassidy Giggey of Brewer finds the time time to do more, including starting her own prom dress donation center. Over the past three years Giggey Girl Gowns has given away over 200 dresses.

Teens Who Care: Girls Advisory Board for Hardy Girls, Healthy Women

2:30 PM, May 14, 2013

Hardy Girls, Healthy Women is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and well being of girls and women. The organization is based out of Waterville, but is helping girls throughout the entire state. In 2005 Hardy Girls, Healthy Women decided to start an advisory group as a way to keep the organization current on what was going on in girls lives.

Teens Who Care: Jade Stevens

8:34 AM, Apr 30, 2013

Jade Stevens founded HOPE, Helping Others Persevere at Erskine, when she was a freshman. This organization collects the basic necessities for students who might not otherwise be able to buy them like school supplies as well as food and clothes when needed. Jade is a student at Erskine who wanted to give back her fellow student.

Teens Who Care: Eloise Melcher

7:38 AM, Apr 11, 2013

Eloise Melcher is a senior at Mount Ararat High School and has been involved with the Big Brothers Big Sister's program for 2 years. Her Little, Cory, attends Mount Ararat Middle School and it is here they meet once a week to do school work and hang out. Eloise is a role model for Cory and is helping to shape and guide him to the best he can be.

Teens Who Care: Nikita Naumowicz

9:08 AM, Feb 26, 2013

Nikita Naumowicz, a senior at Noble High School, has been apart of YAADA since her freshman year. YAADA, Young Adults Against Dating Abuse, is a school based program of Caring Unlimited. Nikita is helping to educate her peers on the dynamics of teen dating violence and healthy relationships.

Teens Who Care: DJ Brooks

3:58 PM, Feb 12, 2013

Teens Who Care: Tyler Dorr

8:42 AM, Jan 30, 2013

Tyler is using his love for art to teach it to children through ArtVan, a mobile arts therapy program. Tyler has been a part of ArtVan for two years and has become a friend and mentor to many of the children that are a part of this program.

Teens Who Care: Olivia Brown

6:28 PM, Jan 14, 2013

If Olivia Brown's peers could sum here up in one word, that word would be committed.

Teens Who Care: Michelle Boucher

9:04 AM, Jan 3, 2013

Michelle Boucher has found a way to connect her community with her high school. Along with the help of her classmates, she has put on a dress drive for those needing a dress for formal dances at Fryeburg Academy. When a local boy, Bryson, became ill, Michelle and her classmates pulled together and put on a spaghetti dinner to help with medical expenses.

Teens Who Care: Cody Smith

10:09 AM, Nov 28, 2012

Cody Smith is a teen who cares about his community. When he is not giving of his time at the Victorian Villa Rehabilitation and Living Center he is a junior fire fighter with the Rumford and Andover Fire Departments.

Teens Who Care: Key Clubs of New England

8:20 AM, Oct 2, 2012

Key Clubs are student organizations within high schools that go out in the communities and volunteer.  Key Clubs of New England have volunteered their time to Camp Sunshine, in Casco, Maine since 2001.