Over-the-counter and Prescription Drugs

10:19 AM, Jun 30, 2010   |    comments
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There are different ways to dispose of your unneeded or expired prescription drugs. Check to see if your pharmacy has a "Take-Back" program. If not, mix them with other substances such as used coffee grounds, and then dispose of them in the trash. It is no longer advisable to flush drugs; even very small amounts of some medications can pose a risk of ground-water contamination. Protect your children when giving them over-the-counter or prescription liquid medications. Know the difference between tablespoon (Tbsp.) and teaspoon (tsp.) abbreviations. Don't estimate the dose of his or her medication based on their size. Use a properly-calibrated medicine dosing syringe, spoon, or cup; a "teaspoon" from the kitchen drawer may not be accurate, and it's very hard to see if your child actually took the whole dose. Ask your pharmacist to include a dosing spoon for liquid prescription medications. And never let your child take medicine by themselves. It's very common to be takign more than one prescription drug at the same time. Protect yourself from drug interactions by asking questions and researching your medications. Ask you doctor, and ask your pharmacist. Both of these health care providers want you to take your medication appropriately and safely.

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