Hannaford Close to Home Seafood Solutions

3:23 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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Partners in Finding Sustainable Seafood Solutions

One week we hear about threats to one species of
fish, and the next the media tells us another is in
trouble. We're told to avoid eating fish from one part
of the world because of unsound fishing practices
but aren't sure exactly what that means and where
those fishing grounds begin and end. With so much
conflicting information, it is hard to know what
seafood you can feel good about purchasing and
putting on your table.

We're going to change that, and here's how.
Hannaford is partnering with the Gulf of Maine
Research Institute (GMRI) to take the guesswork out
of these complicated issues. GMRI, headquartered
in Portland, Maine, is a respected marine research
institution whose scientists study fisheries questions
every day. "Over the next year," says Hannaford
Corporate Responsibility Manager George Parmenter,
"the institute will be helping us verify that any seafood
we sell-from the fresh case, canned, or frozen-is
sustainably harvested and fully traceable so that the
customer won't have to worry about it."

Sustainable seafood is fished or farmed at a level that
doesn't decrease fish populations from one year to the
next and in ways that ensure it is available now and
for future generations. "People should be able to trust
that any seafood they buy from us, aside from being of the highest quality," Parmenter adds, "is not depleting
fish stocks or being harvested illegally. We are taking
on that job, with GMRI as our independent, third-party
scientific partner."

"Over the past year," says Jen Levin, GMRI's
sustainable seafood program manager, "we've been
working with Hannaford to develop and put into
place a sustainable seafood sourcing policy that all of
their seafood products will meet. It's an astounding
commitment, and way ahead of other retailers,
providing all Hannaford customers with choices they
can feel confident in."

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