Wicked Whoopies (Isamax Snacks)

3:23 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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Gardiner, Maine - Established 1994 Amy Bouchard doesn't claim that her whoopie pies are new, or that they're much different from the ones she made in her grandmother's kitchen as a child. And that's exactly the point. For Bouchard, crafting a finer confection has meant perfecting a whoopie pie recipe that spans generations.

"My brother actually had mentioned to me, 'Amy you ought to sell your whoopie pies,' and I thought he was crazy at first," said Bouchard. "But I experimented with my recipe, and what I ended up doing was kind of bringing back that childhood memory and making people smile."

"We buy all of our ingredients locally... If we make a blueberry and creme whoopie pie, we buy Maine blueberries."

Word spread, and after years of building her customer base and creating a distribution network through stores around Maine, she and her husband David caught their big break in 2003. In the midst of a busy day making whoopie pies, the phone rang and it was Oprah Magazine, asking if they'd be interested in sending some Wicked Whoopies to be considered for Ms. Winfrey's "O List."

Oprah Magazine didn't need to wait long for an answer, and Bouchard's Wicked Whoopies were an easy addition to the O List.


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