Groups want breast cancer awareness motorcycle plate

4:22 PM, May 7, 2012   |    comments
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FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's an effort underway to match the success of the Maine Breast Cancer specialty license plate with a plate just for motorcycles.

There are now more than 15,000 plates on the road, raising money for three Maine organizations: The Maine Cancer Foundation's Women's Cancer Fund, the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition's Support Service Fund and the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program's mammogram fund.

Now, the same groups behind the regular license plate would like to create the first ever specialty motorcycle license plate, raising money for the same three organizations.

In order for the Maine Legislature to authorize the plates, at least 500 people must reserve one, paying the $25 fee. Rep. Meredith Strange Burgess, who is leading the effort in the legislature, says it is unlikely that that goal will be reached this legislative session, but she is hoping enough people will sign up by next year.

Those who have signed up, though, are eager to get the new plates. John Sibley, whose late wife, Brenda, died of breast cancer 7 years ago, now holds the Brenda Sibley Memorial Ride every year as part of the Old Town Riverfest to help raise money for CancerCare of Maine. His wife, Kim, lost her mother to breast cancer and has many other relatives facing other forms of the disease. John Sibley said, "We look around, and if there is a ride for cancer, we go to it."

Kim Sibley added, "We buy the products, and people say, "Do you want to make a donation to x-y-z cause, you do it. Without thinking, you do it. You may not know the people that got helped, but you know, somewhere down the line, you helped."
Tara Hill, the executive director of the Maine Cancer Foundation, says the current motor vehicle plates will bring her organization $54,000 this year. And while that's a small part of the the Foundation's overall budget, it makes a big difference in what the organization can do.

"I don't think anyone would expect they would take off as they have," Hill said. "To have that level of income every year is just amazing."

To learn how to reserve a motorcycle plate, visit


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